Alliance Companies leverages 4 unique, core strategic principles:

I.Fewer Projects
II.Large Product-Type Focus and Exclusivity
III.Teaming Format
IV.Superior Marketing Technology

Philosophy:Alliance Companies works fewer projects per broker versus the industry average, focusing dedicated attention to a limited number of clients.
Comment:The industry average provides the client less than one business day per month committed to their project.
Benefit:Alliance Companies commits more time and resources to the client's project providing the time to implement real strategies and solutions. Alliance averaged 4.2 months per project in the past 12-month period, three times faster than the industry standard.

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Philosophy:Alliance Companies focuses on larger industrial and corporate projects for which the company is retained. The professional's day to day communication is with large corporations interested in large blocks of space. Alliance promotes only those projects which they represent exclusively.
Comment:The typical industry broker does not specialize and will work on almost any type of project. Alliance Companies commits to those clients who commit to them and does not "spec" its time on non-exclusive projects.
Benefit:Alliance Companies is the market specialist, focusing on large-scale product, yielding higher values and faster results.

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Philosophy:Alliance Companies develops teams which consists of 4-7 members, each with distinct roles for every project.
Comment:The typical broker will have a part-time partner and share a secretary with 4 to 5 other brokers.
Benefit:Alliance Companies provides consistent, superior service carried out in a timely fashion by its disciplined individuals who are accountable to team leadership and to the client. Leveraging the cross-functional expertise of the staff, the client receives total project coverage from experienced professionals.

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Philosophy:Alliance Companies utilizes conventional marketing resources as well as uniquely developed marketing tools including the Alliance Companies Virtual Tour (electronic brochure), CD ROM, property specific web sites and geo-tracking software.
Comment:The typical broker prints a limited number of brochures, may purchase mailing lists of local companies, conducts a local broker mailing and posts a sign on the property.
Benefit:Alliance Companies provides superior accountability via weekly e-mail ownership reports and monthly written reports which address total market exposure including "hits" to the client's property specific web site, telemarketing and mailing results, inspections and interested prospects.
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