Alliance Companies is expanding its national office program. We are providing an opportunity for independent local and regional brokerage firms to join the Alliance national platform in markets currently not served by an Alliance Office. Being a part of the Alliance Companies creates opportunities to work with companies nationwide and expand their ability to serve clients wherever their needs may be. Through our national platform, more Alliance offices translate into attracting business on a regional and national basis, including a larger clientele base in each respective market. Our national approach promotes a team approach and enables our offices to tackle sophisticated transactions anywhere in the country and around the globe.


The Alliance Companies' strategy is to provide a bureaucracy-free corporate real estate service company with a national reach. We are recruiting independent firms that are strong performers in their respective markets and are willing to take on the Alliance Companies' brand names. This provides a unified national platform and creates a common identity and approach to transactions on a national basis.


Our offices benefit from a national reach, which is essential to attracting more corporate clients. Most local real estate firms are potentially missing a large number of opportunities. When local firms compete for large and/or national transactions, the corporate client usually awards the project to a "national" firm even though you may be more qualified for the job. Furthermore, a national Client may not be as familiar with the local firm and instead chooses the national player that has the following advantages:

  • National brand name versus local shop image
  • National platform to win larger accounts and greater credibility to local accounts
  • Referrals from Alliance Offices
  • Ability to service corporate clients nationally
  • Improved recruiting-most senior level brokers want a national firm and national platform
  • Financial reward
  • Maintain local control over operations
  • Bureaucracy free
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Database support and contact sharing among offices
  • Board of Directors style of governance
  • Open book atmosphere with all offices
  • Sharing of ideas on operation and transaction solutions
  • Sharing of presentations
  • Upgraded marketing materials
  • Sharing of marketing expenses
  • National advertising and media
  • Brokerage support


"There were several other companies that had the same opportunity that I did, but I think some of those other companies were afraid to give up their name, they were afraid to merge," said Brian Buell Senior Managing Director of the Dallas Office. "It was very easy for me to make a decision, because our plan was to be aligned with an organization that provides a National Platform. But the different offices do indeed work together, sharing contacts and expertise and helping each other with clients' projects outside of their own markets." Brian Buell testified that within 60 days after he joined The Alliance Companies he was working with Chicago office on a 300,000 square foot plus disposition in Texas.

Each office operates as its own profit center, which Brian Buell said gave him "an opportunity to be a national company but I get paid on performance in my local market and region." He added: "I can make a decision without having to ask any director in any (other) market," said Brian Buell.


Robert Cambó, Senior Managing Director of the Miami Office, got his start in real estate by joining a two-man show run by Gov. Jeb Bush back in 1984, before launching his own one-man firm 10 years later. We are able to "have our cake and eat it too. Now we are national full-service firm," said Robert Cambó. "It's really beneficial if you have an interest in going after large-scale build-to-suit." Before joining The Alliance Companies, Robert Cambó's company helped AMB Property Corp. buy the Blue Lagoon Business Park in Miami and then lease it. Bill Steinberg, vice president at the REIT, said the fact that Robert Cambó is now a part of the Alliance Companies makes the prospect of doing additional business with him that much more attractive. "What I think it gives him the ability to do is tap into capital markets and get into other markets/cities that he might not otherwise have access to." Robert Cambó explains, "My story is probably the best about how the Alliance Companies can work. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by joining the Alliance Companies."

Being able to share information with the other markets has proven valuable to his Miami operation, says Robert Cambó. Chicago and Dallas markets are at the top six industrial markets. Chicago is the nation's largest industrial market. The Alliances Companies Chicago and Dallas offices have a huge database of corporations doing business nationally. "It is a large-scale brain trust that helps us operate more effectively in our market." It has enabled the Miami Office to win bigger transactions. "You can't do that from a local shop."


The Chicago office is squarely set on doing deals of at least 100,000 square feet. A market the size of Chicago can sustain that kind of activity and takes on only four to five projects at a time, according to Alan Shaw, Chicago's regional president. A retainer and pledge of exclusive assignment is a trade-off for the team's focus, said Shaw. "That's our gamble. But the client appreciates that more than anyone."

Shaw stresses that the Alliance Companies is really more than a group of companies sharing information or partnering on deals like a Colliers or Oncor-they are one company. There are no fees paid to a central office, no mandatory conference calls, though there is a monthly call in which each office is invited to participate. The Alliance Companies' focus is clearly on large brokerage transactions, but the autonomy of the individual offices and a certain amount of capital markets and development expertise within the overall organization, allows each office the freedom and ability to react to what is taking place in its own market. Thus, the typical business and transaction size of each office differs a bit. The Alliance Companies has set up Alliance Commercial, Alliance Capital and Alliance Development as separate companies under the umbrella of the Alliance Companies, although each office does manage its own business.

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