Opportunities For Commercial Real Estate Agents:

  • Office, Industrial, Retail & Investment Properties
  • Tenant & Buyer Representation
  • Marketing Properties For Sale or Lease
  • Leasing / Listing Agents
  • New Agents
  • Agents desiring a new career opportunities
  • Young Guns (22 to 35 years old)
  • Experienced Salespersons desiring a career change
  • Top Dog Commercial Agents
  • Seasoned Agents

Benefits Our Agents Receive

We provide our agents with quality management that cares, support staff, marketing systems, cutting edge technology, tenant, lead, and property ownership databases. Our agents benefit from a national reach, which is essential to attracting more corporate clients. Most local real estate firms are potentially missing a large number of opportunities. When local firms compete for large and/or national transactions, the corporate client usually awards the project to a "national" firm even though you may be more qualified for the job. Furthermore, a national Client may not be as familiar with the local firm and instead chooses the national player that has the following advantages:

  • A team concept that supports you
  • Upgraded marketing materials
  • Sharing of presentations
  • Marketing support
  • Technology, web site and computer systems
  • Tenant, ownership, and property databases
  • National advertising and media
  • Marketing, office and sign expenses
  • Agents receive calls off of their own signs
  • Professional working environment
  • Quality support staff and support systems
  • Strong management support that cares
  • A first-class office facility
  • Sharing of ideas on transaction solutions
  • Synergy of Working in an office with other agents
  • National brand name versus local shop image
  • National platform to win larger accounts and greater credibility to local accounts
  • Referrals from Alliance Offices
  • Ability to service corporate clients nationally
  • Local management maintains control over operations
  • Bureaucracy free
  • Entrepreneurial spirit support
  • Database support and contact sharing among offices

To best serve our clients we are recruiting people with the following skills:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Self Starter
  • Team Player
  • Forward Thinker
  • Positive Attitude
  • Solution Oriented
  • Energetic
  • Have Ambition
  • Motivated Toward Achievement
  • Focused
  • Accomplishment Oriented
  • Responsible for Actions
  • Self-Reliant
  • Cooperate with Other People
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative

Income Opportunities
In commercial real estate your earning potential is not controlled by anyone, except for you. Our commercial real estate sales and leasing agents have unlimited career earning potential and are compensated on a commission basis from sales and leases. There are no corporate guidelines, salary ranges or glass ceilings. There is no one to tell you how much money you can make. As a Commercial Real Estate Agent, your income is directly related to your own hard work and determination. In short, your income potential is unlimited, as is your potential to become financially secure for life. Our top producers started out just like you willóone sale at a time.

Personalized Training
For new agents and experienced salespersons making a career change we offer a comprehensive training program. Our training will to help you achieve your financial goals. Through our personal training, the Sales Manager will evaluate your situation and identify your strengths and weaknesses. The Sales Manager will help you master the skills you need to form lasting habits to help you achieve financial, professional and personal goals. We have an interest in your success, because we only make money if our agents are making money.

Our New Agents Focus on Business Development
A stunning finding from research was that 62% of the new agents expected to get a check in their first sixty days in the business! They expect to hit the ground running. To do this, the new agent's focus needs to be on business development (prospecting for buyers, seller, listings, and tenants) not on training. Normally, companies put the new agent into a 'curriculum based' program to tell them everything they'll ever need to know about real estate. Unfortunately, the new agent thinks that knowledge equals success in real estate. New agents create early success when they focus on a business plan of business producing / prospecting activities. If you're a new agent, you have to develop the mental toughness to ignore information that's not critical to your business production / prospecting. If you don't, your money will run out before you learn everything! (Give it up; you'll never know everything!)

Freedom To Live Life the Way You Want
Imagine a career that gives you the freedom to be your own boss, have a flexible schedule and decide with whom you want to work. A career where your income actually reflects your hard work and effort. A career that allows you more time to spend with your family, your friends, yourself.

Your career as a Commercial Real Estate Agent is what you make of it. You have the freedom to balance your hard work and determination with your personal goals to bring composure back to your personal and family life. Our agents are self-employed / independent contractors and have either a real estate salesperson or broker license. You can take Friday afternoon off to go golfing or watch your childrenís sports. You can schedule meetings with clients to accommodate both their schedule and yours. This can be a career that allows you to live your life the way you wantófinally.

Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Career
While it is true that the very top residential agents make outstanding incomes, the rank and file of residential agents simply do not. The top residential agents often work seven days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays to earn big money. They are often forced to hire Escrow Coordinators, Loan Assistants and Marketing Assistants, and then spend lots of money on expensive advertising. Thatís because the commissions are generally lower in residential brokerage.

Commercial Brokers Make The Big Money! We all know that commercial properties sell for more than houses, so itís not hard to see why a commercial sale pays more...

Did You Know That Commercial Leasing Pays Even More?
Leases are for finite terms and expire, providing predictable repeat business! And leasing puts you at the client capture point when the owners are ready to sell!

Taking a closer look:

Scenario A:
A nice 3,000 square foot, $250,000 home sold at 6% split between listing and selling agent grosses each $7,500. Not bad.

Scenario B:
A nice 5,000 square foot office lease for just five years will often pay $22,500 (based upon a commission 4.5% of $20.00 per square foot, per year of the lease giving a lease value of $500,000), or even more. That same 5,000 square foot space, if leased at a lowly rent of $17.00 per square foot, could easily produce $19,125, when the commission is paid based on a "percentage of rent schedule" such as 4.5% for each of the years of the lease.

Scenario C:
A nice 30,000 square foot office warehouse lease for just five years will often pay $27,000 (based upon a commission 4.5% of $4.00 per square foot, per year of the lease giving a lease value of $600,000), or even more. That same 30,000 square foot space, if leased at a lowly rent of $3.25 per square foot, could easily produce $21,937, when the commission is paid based on a "percentage of rent schedule" such as 4.5% for each of the years of the lease. Most office warehouses are 20,000 square feet and up and can go to 700,000 square feet.

Think about how many tenants and businesses occupy all the office buildings, office warehouses, high-tech facilities, plants, factories and retail properties are in your area. Virtually all of them had a real estate agent that was involved in the lease or sale transaction and receive a lease or sale fee based on the above scenarios.

These fees are NOT paid out over time! The fees are payable either on signing of the lease, or 50% on signing and 50% on occupancy by the tenant! Because tenant procuring tenant representing brokers are often paid the full the commission, it is not uncommon to get all this money on what is considered to be a very small lease. And if the lease runs for 7 or 10 years, you earn even more! Imagine what you can earn on 10,000 - 15,000 - 50,000 - 100,000 - 200,000 sq.ft. or larger Leases! These are not uncommon transactions! Then too, in softer leasing markets, owners often offer bonus commissions of 6% to the tenant-procuring broker, driving the fees even higher!

Repeat Business and Lease Renewal Fees
Tenant / leasing agents have an opportunity to build repeat business and receive leasing fees for lease renewals under the same leasing fee scenarios as outlined above.

Long Hours / Weekends / Holiday?
The golden hours for Commercial Agents are the same normal hours of business of their clients, that is usually 40-45 hours a week, Monday through Friday. They work normal business hours, take the weekends off and are home with family at night. In addition, Commercial Agents do not work on any major holidays. They are often members of national or international networks and send business across the country for referral fees that come from the work performed by others! More big money.

Most top producing residential agents work very long hours every week. They are out every night and all weekend long. They also have to work during the week arranging financing, inspections, updating the listing status, touring new properties, looking for new listings and managing their team. Their clients demand that they work these long hours (and most major holidays) because that is when their clients are off work and want to tour houses.

So Why Are There Fewer Commercial Agents?
Most Companies only want to hire experienced Commercial Agents and do not want to take the time to train new people. Or, if they are willing to train new people, they use an arcane mentor system that takes far too long learn the business, often two years or more. A second reason is that ownerís demand greater skill and knowledge from Commercial Agents.

The Biggest Reason That People Do Not Get Started
The biggest reason people donít choose to get started in a career in Commercial Real Estate is the fear of giving up a secure job, fear of not having enough money, being broke and perhaps even being destitute. When there is sufficient money for all needs, the fear is still there. You have to ask yourself the question, "How does this fear hold people back?" Many individuals are anxious about taking risks with a career in commercial real estate, so it causes them to think they should play it safe in regard to employment. It also causes them to think about security over the opportunity to start a career in Commercial Real Estate sales and leasing on a commission basis with unlimited earning potential.

Everyone is Afraid
All intelligent people are afraid of something. It is normal and natural to be concerned about your physical, emotional and financial well-being. The courageous person is not a person who is unafraid. As Mark Twain once said, "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear not absence of fear." David Lloyd George said "Donít be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You canít cross a chasm in two small jumps." Charles Schwab said donít limit investing to the financial world. Invest something of yourself, and you will be richly rewarded." Babe Ruth said, "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." Dale Carnegie said "The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure--thing boat never gets far from shore."

It is not whether or not you are afraid. We are all afraid. The question is, how do you deal with the fear? The courageous person is simply one who goes forward in spite of the fear. When you confront your fears and move toward what you are afraid of, your fears diminish and your self-esteem and self-confidence increases. The willingness to take more risks can result in a person more aggressively pursuing financial goals and a career with unlimited earning potential.

What You Will Have To Do Once You Have Made A Decision To Get Started
There is a critical time period between the launching of a new venture into a sales career in which you work on a commission basis and the results that come from that venture. During this hiatus, this waiting period, many people lose their nerve. They cannot stand the suspense of not knowing, of possible failure. They break and run in battle, they quake and quit in business and sales.

You will need to practice "courageous patience," the willingness and the ability to "stay the course" in the face of uncertainty, doubt and often criticism from many others.

The True Sales Person
The true sales person is the person who stands firm and refuses to consider the possibility of failure. The turning points of many key moments in human history have been the resolution, or lack thereof, of one person. Courageous patience is the acid test of the true sales person.

Our standards for selection are high, but the rewards are well worth it. If you meet the qualifications and are looking for a great business opportunity please forward your resume, email or call us directly.

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Commercial Real Estate The Greatest Job

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